Stanford Drive in

The nostalgic charm of drive in theaters has been making a comeback, and one gem worth mentioning is the Stanford Drive in in Stanford, Kentucky. This blast from the past, reminiscent of the yesteryears when families piled into their station wagons and convertibles, offers locals and visitors a unique movie-going experience. This article aims to provide useful details on the Stanford Drive in, including contact information, directions, working hours, and tantalizing food options available at this beloved spot.

Stanford Drive in Phone Number

For any inquiries, specific movie screenings, or event details, you can contact the Stanford Drive in directly by calling their phone number: +1 606-365-1317. The friendly staff of the drive in will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

How to Go to Stanford Drive in?

The Stanford Drive in is conveniently located at 1645 KY-78, Stanford, KY 40484, which makes it easy to access for moviegoers around the area. When traveling on US-27, take a turn onto KY-78 W and continue for approximately 5 miles. You will find the Stanford Drive in on your right-hand side. A landmark to look out for is the intersection of KY-78 and Calvary Road. If you’re hesitant or unsure about the route, you may use your smartphone’s GPS or any mapping service such as Google Maps or Apple Maps for accurate directions to the drive in.

Stanford Drive in Theater Working Hours

The Stanford Drive in’s regular operating schedule spans from April to October, but, it is essential to note that the actual opening dates may vary slightly, and unforeseeably, depending on weather conditions and movie releases. Generally, Stanford Drive in opens its gates on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, with the occasional addition of Wednesday nights during the summer months. The drive in opens its gates for parking at 7:30 P.M., with the first movie screening starting at dusk (approximately 9 P.M.), followed by a second screening immediately after. It is advisable to check their Facebook page for any updates on working hours, movie lineups, and special events.

Stanford Drive in Theater Menu

A trip to the Stanford Drive in would be incomplete without indulging in the variety of snacks and treats offered at their concession stand. The menu boasts an array of classic cinema snack options, including:

  • Popcorn: Delight in hot, buttery, freshly-popped theater popcorn, available in multiple sizes to cater to various appetites.
  • Soft Drinks: Quench your thirst with an ice-cold soda, available in different sizes and a selection of popular flavors.
  • Candy: Sweet lovers will undoubtedly appreciate the wide assortment of candy options, including gummies, chocolate bars, and popular movie-theater picks.
  • Hot Food: The Stanford Drive in doesn’t just cater to the sweet tooth, as you can also enjoy savory treats like hot dogs, nachos, and warm pretzels.
  • Pizza: Treat yourself to delicious, freshly-prepared pizza, available in a variety of popular toppings to satisfy your cravings.

Keep in mind that the concession stand at the Stanford Drive in only accepts cash, so be prepared with some bills and change to spend on your favorite drive in delicacies.

Overall, the Stanford Drive in offers an enchanting experience that allows you to travel back in time, all while enjoying a combination of classic family-friendly blockbusters and new releases. So, if you’re in the area or looking for a unique way to spend your weekend night, head down to the Stanford Drive in for an unforgettable evening. Remember to bring comfy blankets, a radio, and some insect repellent for the perfect drive in movie night.

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