Chief Drive in

The Chief Drive in Theater is a nostalgic gem that offers a unique movie-going experience for families, couples, and cinema enthusiasts alike. At Chief Drive in, the good old days come alive, bringing back memories of yesteryear while creating new ones for today’s adventurers. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to all key aspects of Chief Drive in Theater, including contact information, directions, working hours, and menu.

Chief Drive in phone number

Before planning your visit to Chief Drive in, you might have questions about the theater’s movie listings, pricing, or special events. The easiest way to get answers to your queries is by calling them directly. You can reach Chief Drive-in Theater at +1 405-224-1515. Their friendly staff is always available to assist you and ensure you have an incredible movie-going experience.

How to go to Chief Drive in?

Finding Chief Drive-in is easy, regardless of your starting point. It is located at South, US-81, Ninnekah, OK 73067, USA. To reach this classic drive-in destination, simply follow these instructions:

Chief Drive in also has ample parking space for visitors, ensuring that you can simply drive up, park your vehicle, and enjoy your movie under the stars.

Chief Drive in Theater working hours

The Chief Drive in Theater operates seasonally, typically from April to October, with the exact dates varying each year. During the active season, the drive in theater is open every weekend, offering movie showings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. The theater usually opens its gates around 7:30 PM, with the first movie beginning at dusk (around 8:45 PM).

Make sure to arrive early to find the perfect parking spot and have enough time to grab a bite from their delightful concession stand before the movie starts. The movie listings are updated weekly, so keep an eye on Chief Drive in Theater’s social media or call them to stay up to date with their screenings and events.

Chief Drive in Theater menu

A good movie is never complete without delicious snacks, and Chief Drive in Theater’s concession stand has you covered. Not only will you find traditional movie theater fare like fresh popcorn, cold sodas, and an assortment of candy, but Chief Drive in also features a more extensive menu to suit any craving that might strike during the film.

Highlights of the Chief Drive in menu include:

  • Classic cheeseburgers and hotdogs
  • Crispy chicken tenders and juicy grilled chicken sandwiches
  • Flavorful pizza by the slice
  • Irresistible nachos topped with melty cheese sauce and jalapenos
  • Soft pretzels served with warm cheese sauce or mustard

There are even options for health-conscious moviegoers, like freshly tossed salads and veggie-friendly wraps. Visitors with a sweet tooth can enjoy a scoop or two of velvety ice cream or indulge in loaded milkshakes and smoothies.

In conclusion, Chief Drive in Theater serves as a fantastic destination for all cinephiles who appreciate the magic of the big outdoor screen. The combination of great films, delicious food, and a vibrant atmosphere makes it

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