De Anza Drive in Theatres

Drive in theaters were once a staple of American entertainment, and today, few remain. De Anza Drive in Theaters in Riverside, California is a rare gem that still offers this classic pastime. This 1000-word article will explore all the details about the De Anza Drive in Theaters, including its phone number, how to get there, working hours, and theater menu.

De Anza Drive in Theaters Phone Number

If you want to book your tickets in advance or make any inquiries, you can contact the De Anza Drive in Theaters at (951) 686-7292. This number is available during their business hours and will connect you with a representative who can help you.

How to Go to De Anza Drive in Theaters?

If you plan to visit De Anza Drive in Theaters, you can find them at 1401 N. Manchester Ave., Riverside, CA 92507. They are located near the Riverside community hospital and Miller Middle School. You can use Google Maps or other navigational aids to find your way there.

De Anza Drive in Theaters Working Hours

The De Anza Drive in Theaters are open seven days a week, with their box office opening at 6:30 pm. Their movie schedule starts at around 7:45 pm, and they close once the movie ends. However, you should check their website or call the box office to confirm their working hours and showtimes.

De Anza Drive in Theaters Theater Menu

One unique aspect of De Anza Drive in Theaters is their theater menu. They offer a classic movie theater menu for those who want snacks, drinks, or meals while they enjoy their movie. You will find burgers, fries, hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn, along with candy, ice cream, and soda. They also offer a few vegetarian and gluten-free options.

In conclusion, De Anza Drive in Theaters is an excellent place to experience a part of American entertainment history. With its unique setting, classic movies, and theater menu, it offers a truly memorable experience. Whether you’re looking for a romantic movie night or want to take your family out for some fun, De Anza Drive in Theaters is worth a visit.

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