Dixie Drive in Theater

For many movie enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the nostalgic charm of watching a blockbuster under the stars from the comfort of their own car. Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern city life, sometimes all it takes is a trip to a drive in theater to feel a sense of timeless leisure. One of these special establishments that transport its visitors through time is the Dixie Drive in Theater. Established in 1955, it’s been providing memorable movie experiences for generations. Today, let’s take a closer look at this iconic venue to find out how you can have your own slice of vintage movie magic.

Dixie Drive in Theater Phone Number

If you’d like to contact the Dixie Drive in Theater in Kentucky, you can reach them at their main phone number: (859) 744-6663. By calling this number, you’ll be able to hear about their current movie showings, general admission pricing, and any special events they might have taking place. We recommend giving them a call before planning your visit, as it’s always best to double-check the latest movie schedules and showtimes, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

How to Go to Dixie Drive in Theater Kentucky?

Located in Winchester Kentucky, the Dixie Drive in Theater is situated at 4109 Lexington Road, 40391. Visitors usually find this venue easily accessible by car, and the theater offers plenty of parking space for its guests. You can use your preferred GPS device, or follow these simple directions if coming from downtown Winchester: Head southeast on W Lexington Ave, then turn left onto Bypass Rd/US-60, and continue to straight forward until you reach the theater on your left side. As a landmark, it’s situated close to Bybee Pottery and Bluegrass Heritage Museum. Keep an eye out for the unmistakable retro sign and you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Dixie Drive in Theater Kentucky Working Hours

The Dixie Drive in Theater opens their gates to visitors on weekends – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The theater typically starts showing movies at around dusk, which varies depending on the time of the year. It’s advisable to arrive early, especially during the summer weekends, to secure a good parking spot and enjoy some pre-show entertainment. The theater’s box office and concession stand usually open an hour before the first movie is scheduled to play. Ensure you check their website or call ahead to confirm the exact opening hours for the day of your visit.

Dixie Drive in Theater Kentucky Theater Menu

No drive in movie experience is complete without delicious, classic cinema snacks! The Dixie Drive in Theater offers an extensive menu at their concession stand, nicknamed “The Snack Bar.” Here, visitors will find typical goodies like hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, nachos, and pretzels, as well as a fine selection of candy and other sweet treats. To wash those tasty treats down, they have a range of beverages, including sodas, fruit juices, and even hot chocolate on those chilly evenings. They also serve coffee for those who crave a caffeine fix during the late-night double features. The Snack Bar’s prices are very reasonable and all items are served fresh, adding to the overall authentic experience.

With its nostalgic atmosphere and reasonable prices, the Dixie Drive in Theater offers a truly unique cinematic experience for all ages. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or a romantic date night under the stars, it’s a destination that’s sure to create lasting memories. So, pack your car with cozy blankets and your appetite, and prepare for a magical night at the movies at Dixie Drive in Theater.

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