Five Mile Drive in

As a classic, nostalgic pastime, drive in movies are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, providing an excellent way to enjoy a uniquely American entertainment experience under the stars. One such drive in that has captured the hearts of many generations is the Five Mile Drive in located in Dowagiac, Michigan. In this article, we will explore important details about the Five Mile Drive in, including their phone number, location, working hours, and menu offerings.

Five Mile Drive in Phone Number

If you’re looking to plan a visit or have any queries regarding the Five Mile Drive in, it’s highly recommended to reach out to their dedicated team using their phone number. The staff is always happy to assist, ensuring an enjoyable movie experience for all. The Five Mile Drive in phone number is: +1 269-782-7879. Be sure to make note of this, as it might come in handy during a visit to the drive in or to make inquiries about movie showings and events.

How to Go to Five Mile Drive in?

The Five Mile Drive in theater is nestled in a picturesque setting in Dowagiac, Michigan. To get to Five Mile Drive in, use Google Maps or any other GPS navigational system, and put in the following address: 28190 M152, Dowagiac, MI, 49047. Alternatively, follow the road signs for M152 while approaching Dowagiac from the east or west. The Five Mile Drive in entrance is clearly marked and situated just off M152.

If you’re coming from the heart of Dowagiac, head east on W High St toward S Front St for about 0.8 miles. Continue on M152 past the Dowagiac Municipal Airport for five miles, and you will reach the Five Mile Drive in

Five Mile Drive in Theater Working Hours

Operating on a seasonal basis, the working hours at Five Mile Drive in will vary. Typically open from early spring to late fall (weather permitting), the theater operates on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. For the most updated information on their opening hours, it is best to check their website or Facebook page or call the phone number provided above.

The drive in opens at 7:30 PM, setting the stage for families, friends, and couples to spend their evenings immersed in all forms of cinematic entertainment. Movie showings usually begin at dusk, which is around 9 PM, depending on the time of year. Additionally, the theater features double features, allowing patrons to enjoy back-to-back films for the price of one.

Five Mile Drive in Theater Menu

No movie experience is complete without delicious snacks and treats! The Five Mile Drive in does not disappoint with its tempting menu options available at their fully-stocked concession stand. The food and drinks are not only delectable but also reasonably priced, enabling everyone to indulge in their cravings during the film.

The menu includes classics such as popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and pizza, alongside a variety of other savory offerings. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s an assortment of candies, slushies, ice cream novelties, and even classic root beer floats. Patrons can also enjoy a diverse lineup of beverages, including sodas, coffee, and hot chocolate, to cater to everyone’s thirst-quenching preferences.

In conclusion, the Five Mile Drive in offers an unforgettable night under the stars, complete with a taste of old-fashioned Americana, blockbuster movies, and delectable food options. With the outlined information in hand, you’re well-equipped to plan a perfect evening at the Five Mile Drive in, embracing nostalgia and the shared joy of cinema.

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