Lakeport Drive in Theater

Located in Lakeport, California, the Lakeport Drive in Theater is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy a movie under the stars. This classic outdoor cinema has been serving the local community for decades and has become an essential part of Lakeport’s cultural heritage.

Phone Number

To book your ticket or to make any inquiries, Lakeport Drive in Theater’s phone number is +1 707-263-5011. You can call this number during business hours to get all the information you need regarding the theater’s schedule, movie lineup, pricing, and anything else that may come to mind.

How to go to Lakeport Drive in Theater?

If you’re traveling to the Lakeport Drive in Theater from outside the city, the best way to go is to take Highway 29. The theater’s address is 52 Soda Bay Rd, Lakeport, CA 95453, and it is situated near the Lake County Fairgrounds. Once you arrive at the fairgrounds, you’ll easily spot the drive in theater. You can also use any GPS navigation device to locate the theater.

Working Hours

The Lakeport Drive in Theater is generally open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, from March to November. However, during the peak summer season, the theater operates every day of the week. Gates open at 7:00 p.m, and the show begins at dusk, which is usually around 8:30 p.m during summers and 6:30 PM during winters. However, these timings may vary depending on the daylight hours of the season. Therefore I would recommend checking the theater’s schedule before planning a visit.

Theater Menu

Lakeport Drive in Theater is more than just a place to watch movies; it’s also a great spot to grab some delicious food. The theater offers a diverse menu that includes various snacks, drinks, and classic diner-style foods like burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and popcorn. You can also have some sweet treats like cotton candy or ice cream.

The prices of the food are also pocket friendly, with most food items priced below $10. If you’re planning to have dinner and a movie under the stars, then Lakeport Drive in Theater offers an affordable dining option that you will enjoy.


The Lakeport Drive in Theater is an excellent destination for families, couples, and anyone who loves the traditional drive in cinema experience. From the tasty food to the latest movie offerings, the theater has everything you need for a memorable evening. So, if you’re in Lakeport or anywhere near it, then plan a visit to Lakeport Drive in Theater and enjoy a night of pure fun and entertainment.

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