Libby Drive in Theatre

A nostalgic and enjoyable experience for families and friends, the Libby Drive in Theatre offers the perfect setting for watching the latest blockbusters or classic movies under the stars. With its old-school atmosphere, affordable pricing, and convenient location, this drive in theatre is the ultimate weekend escape. In this article, we will explore the essential information you should know about the Libby Drive in Theatre, including its contact details, working hours, directions, and menu options.

Libby Drive in Theatre Phone Number

If you need more information, updates on movies being shown, or if you want to inquire about private events or promotions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Libby Drive in Theatre. You can contact them directly at +1 406-293-6028. For additional details, make sure to check their official website or social media accounts.

How to go to Libby Drive in Theatre?

Located in the beautiful state of Montana, the Libby Drive in Theatre is situated just a short drive from the heart of Libby. For the most accurate directions, it’s always a good idea to use a GPS device or an online mapping tool to plot your route from your specific starting point. Located at 602 Mineral Ave, Libby, MT 59923,USA.

Those visiting from out of town can fly into Glacier Park International Airport, which is approximately 88 miles from Libby. From the airport, rental cars and shuttles are available to make your way to the drive in. Public transportation options might be limited depending on your location, so keep that in mind while planning your visit.

Libby Drive in Theatre Working Hours

The Libby Drive in Theatre operates seasonally, typically during the warm summer months, from May through September. They are usually open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, with the potential for special events or additional screenings on select weekdays. Make sure to confirm the hours and dates of operation through their website or by calling them directly, as this information can change depending on various factors.

While the exact time for movie screenings may vary, gates typically open about an hour before the first feature film starts, allowing you to arrive early, find a great parking spot, and grab some delicious snacks from their concession stand. Most showtimes begin around dusk or shortly after, which is usually around 8:30 PM or 9:00 PM. It’s best to double-check the specific start times based on the movie you’re planning to watch.

Libby Drive in Theatre Menu

What would a drive in movie experience be without the tasty treats and refreshments? The Libby Drive in Theatre concession stand offers a mouthwatering array of snacks, drinks, and meals to satisfy your cravings during the movie. From popcorn and soda to candy and nachos, you’ll find all your favorite movie snacks in their menu. In addition, they also serve hot food items such as hot dogs, hamburgers, and personal-size pizzas to make sure you’re fueled and happy throughout the show.

For those who prefer a healthier option, the concession stand also offers some lighter alternatives, including fruit cups, salads, and veggie nachos. Guests are reminded that no outside food or beverage is allowed on the premises, but worry not, as the Libby Drive in Theatre has all the food covered. Bring an appetite, sit back and enjoy the show!

In conclusion, the Libby Drive in Theatre offers a captivating experience for movie lovers looking for an exciting night out. With its charming atmosphere, comfortable outdoor setting, and great selection of movies and snacks, this charming theatre truly captures the essence of nostalgia and fun.

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