Linton Drive in Theatre

Drive in theaters hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of a bygone era where families could spend quality time together, watching movies under the stars. One such gem is the Linton Drive in Theatre. In this article, we will discuss important details about this historic venue so that you can plan your next visit with ease. We’ll explore their contact information, driving directions, working hours, and the delicious menu they offer.

Linton Drive in Theatre Phone Number

One of the most important pieces of information you’ll need for your visit to the Linton Drive in Theatre is their contact number. By reaching out to them, you can obtain information about showtimes, upcoming events, and other inquiries you might have. The phone number for Linton Drive in Theatre is +1 812-847-2180. Make sure to give them a call when planning your trip, and ensure you have the most up-to-date information about the drive in.

How to Go to Linton Drive in Theatre?

Located at W State Rd 54 E, Linton, IN 47441,USA. Linton Drive in Theatre is easily accessible for those wanting to spend an evening enjoying movies and food in a unique setting.

Please consider traffic and weather conditions when planning your trip to ensure you arrive with plenty of time to settle in and enjoy the show. Additionally, using GPS navigation devices/apps can greatly assist in finding the best route to the drive in theater.

Linton Drive in Theatre Theater Working Hours

The Linton Drive in Theatre is open seasonally, typically starting its operations from [Month] until [Month]. Their working hours are adjusted according to the sunset timings, as their movie screenings usually start after dark. Generally, you can expect the box office and concession stand to open about [1-2] hours before the first scheduled movie. For the most current movie schedule and working hours, we recommend checking their website or giving them a call at the number provided above.

Linton Drive in Theatre Theater Menu

At Linton Drive in Theatre, not only do they offer an amazing movie experience, but they also have a mouthwatering menu of classic theater snacks and treats to satisfy all your cravings. You can indulge in some of the following items during your visit:

  • Popcorn – choose from small, medium, or large sizes, with or without butter
  • Refreshing soft drinks in various flavors and sizes
  • Hot dogs, nachos, and more savory delights
  • Selection of candy and chocolate bars
  • Ice cream and other cool treats for hot summer nights

Remember to arrive early to make sure you have enough time to purchase your choice of snacks before the movie starts. Also, keep in mind that concession stand sales provide crucial financial support to the theater business, allowing them to continue offering unique entertainment experiences.

In conclusion, a visit to the Linton Drive in Theatre is a quintessential summer experience that you should not miss. By gathering all the necessary information, like their phone number, directions, working hours, and menu options, you’ll be well prepared for an evening of movies, laughter, and memories under the stars.

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