Mendon Drive in

Welcome to our directory for drive in theaters and drive in movie experiences. Today, we’ll be delving into one of the most popular and thrilling outdoor cinema destinations in the United States, the Mendon Drive in. This iconic theater has a rich history, and offers engaging entertainment that can be enjoyed with friends and family. In this article, we will provide essential information for an unforgettable evening at Mendon Drive in, including its phone number, location, working hours, and the theater menu.

Mendon Drive in Phone Number

Before embarking on your adventure to the Mendon Drive in, we recommend giving the theater a call, as their schedule is subject to change based on the movies they are showing and weather conditions. The official telephone number for Mendon Drive in is (508) 473-4958. Keep this contact information handy in case you have questions, concerns, or require assistance on the day of your visit.

How to Go to Mendon Drive in?

Mendon Drive in is conveniently located in the lush and serene town of Mendon, Massachusetts. The theater’s address is 35 Milford Street, Mendon, MA 01756. If you are navigating your way to Mendon Drive-In using a GPS device, use the following coordinates for better accuracy: 42.101474, -71.537671.

For visitors traveling from the Boston area, Mendon Drive in is approximately a 45-minute drive via I-90 W and MA-122 S. If you’re coming from Worcester, you’ll have about a 30-minute drive via MA-122 S.

Upon arrival at Mendon Drive in, you will be greeted by a spacious parking area to accommodate your vehicle. Keep in mind that the parking spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is advisable to arrive early to secure a prime viewing location.

Mendon Drive in Theater Working Hours

The Mendon Drive in is open seasonally, typically from early spring through late fall. The theater’s box office opens at 6 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with showtimes scheduled to begin at dusk, which usually falls between 8 PM and 9 PM.

It is worth noting that the Mendon Drive in operates on a double-feature basis, offering two movies for the price of one on most nights. We advise confirming the movies being shown and their start times prior to your visit, either by consulting their website, social media channels or contacting them via phone.

Don’t forget that the theater operates rain or shine, so be prepared with appropriate clothing and supplies to maximize your comfort during the outdoor movie experience.

Mendon Drive in Theater Menu

One of the key components of a visit to the Mendon Drive in is indulging in the mouth-watering snacks and beverages available at their on-site concession stand. The stand is generally open for business during the course of the screenings, offering a wide range of edible options to suit all tastes and preferences.

Some highlights of the Mendon Drive in Theater menu include classics like hot, buttery popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, and soft pretzels. For a more substantial meal, enjoy the variety of burgers, sandwiches, or pizza. To satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s a delectable assortment of ice cream, candy, and other sweet treats.

For those looking to accompany their meal with a refreshing drink, patrons can choose from sodas, water, fruit juices, and more. Mendon Drive in also features an on-site beer garden, offering a selection of alcoholic beverages for guests aged 21 and over – just be sure to drink responsibly during the event!

In conclusion, Mendon Drive in offers a truly immersive and nostalgic movie experience that takes you back in time amidst modern conveniences. Equipped with a top-tier digital projection system, the latest film releases, delectable snacks, and friendly service, there’s no better place to create lasting memories with your loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Mendon Drive in for an unforgettable night under the stars!

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