Narrow Gauge Drive in

If you love movies and want to cherish the classic, nostalgic experience of a drive in theater, one that you shouldn’t miss is the Narrow Gauge Drive in. Located in Farmington, Maine, this fantastic venue offers a unique way of enjoying your favorite films. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Narrow Gauge Drive in, including its phone number, location, working hours, and menu.

Narrow Gauge Drive in phone number

Before visiting the drive in or planning a night for the perfect movie experience, you may want to give them a call to check showtimes, ticket availability, or to ask any questions you may have. The phone number for the Narrow Gauge Drive in is  +1 207-778-4877. Make sure you save this number and keep it handy, so you never miss out on exciting movie screenings and special events happening throughout the season.

How to go to Narrow Gauge Drive in?

Narrow Gauge Drive in is conveniently located at 15 Front St, Farmington, ME 04938, United States. If you are visiting Farmington or live nearby, reaching this drive-in theater is simple. Here’s a brief guide to help you navigate your way to Narrow Gauge Drive in:

  • From Farmington downtown, head southeast on Broadway towards Front Street. Turn left onto Front Street, and you’ll soon reach the drive in on your left-hand side.
  • If you’re coming from another town, find your way to US-2, which goes right through Farmington. Once you reach Farmington, you can then follow the above directions to get to Narrow Gauge Drive in.

For a more precise route, don’t hesitate to use your preferred GPS device or smartphone app to guide you to this amazing drive in theater.

Narrow Gauge Drive in Theater working hours

One important aspect to consider before visiting Narrow Gauge Drive in is its working hours. Generally, the drive in is open during the warm months, typically from May to September. However, operating days and hours may vary each season.

The movie showtimes often correspond to the sunset. Screenings usually start at dusk, with the precise time depending on the time of the year. It’s advised to check their website or Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on season opening, working hours, and movie showtimes.

Narrow Gauge Drive in Theater menu

A visit to a drive in theater wouldn’t be complete without delicious snacks and beverages. Fortunately, Narrow Gauge Drive in is ready to satisfy your cravings. The snack bar offers a fantastic selection of options. Some of the must-try items on their menu are:

  • Classic theater popcorn – a movie night favorite!
  • Crispy, golden-brown French fries
  • Delicious burgers and hot dogs
  • Satisfying pizza slices
  • Tasty nachos with savory cheese sauce
  • A variety of candies, chocolate bars, and other assorted sweets
  • Refreshing cold drinks, like soda, lemonade, and iced tea

The snack bar is usually open whenever the drive in is operating, so you can easily fuel up on your favorite treats before, during, or even after the movie. Remember to treat yourself during your visit and make the most out of your experience at Narrow Gauge Drive in!

We hope this guide will help you in planning a perfect night out at Narrow Gauge Drive in. Don’t forget to call for any queries, and get ready to bring back the nostalgia of a classic drive in movie experience that you’ll never forget.

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