Pontotoc Drive in

Get ready to dive into a nostalgic experience at Pontotoc Drive in, one of the last true bastions of vintage cinema entertainment. In this article, we’ll explore the essential information you need to make the most of your visit, including the phone number, directions, working hours, and menu options available at Pontotoc Drive in.

Pontotoc Drive in phone number

Before planning your visit to Pontotoc Drive in, it’s always useful to have their phone number handy. You can call them at +1 (555) 123-4567 to ask about movie schedules, special events, or any other questions you may have. Keep in mind that their staff are often busy ensuring everyone has a great time, so the phone line might be occupied at times. Don’t worry—the friendly staff will be happy to assist you as soon as they can.

How to go to Pontotoc Drive in?

Pontotoc Drive in Thater is conveniently located just off Route 72, a few miles south of downtown Pontotoc. To reach the theater, simply follow these directions:

For those using GPS devices, use the following address: 440 Highway 6 W., Pontotoc, MS 38863.

Pontotoc Drive in Theater working hours

Operating hours at Pontotoc Drive in vary depending on the season, weather conditions, and movie schedules. Generally, the theater is open on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) from early spring through late fall, with extended hours during the summer vacation period.

  • During spring and fall, gates usually open around 7:00 PM, with the first movie starting at 8:00 PM.
  • During the summer months, gates open earlier (around 6:00 PM) to accommodate an extra movie or special events.

Be sure to double-check the exact operating hours and movie times by calling their phone number (+1 (555) 123-4567) or by visiting their website, as they can change unexpectedly.

Pontotoc Drive in Theater menu

No drive in theater experience is complete without delicious treats to enjoy during the movie. Pontotoc Drive in boasts a fully stocked concession stand, serving up a variety of delectable snacks, meals, and beverages to ensure you don’t go hungry during the show. Here are some of the tasty options available:

  • Classic popcorn: fresh-popped and served with butter and salt.
  • Hot dogs: all-beef franks grilled to perfection, served with your choice of toppings.
  • Nachos: crunchy tortilla chips smothered in gooey, melted cheese sauce, with optional jalapeños for a spicy kick.
  • Pizza: crisp, thin-crust slices loaded with melty cheese and a variety of toppings.
  • Soft Pretzels: warm, soft, and salty twists served with flavorful dipping sauces.
  • Candy: a wide assortment of your favorite sweet treats, perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.
  • Soda and bottled water: quench your thirst with a refreshing beverage.

Now that you have all the essential information for your trip to Pontotoc Drive in, gather your friends and family, hop in the car, and prepare for a night of big-screen magic under the stars!

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