Scioto Breeze Drive in

Drive in theaters hold a special place in the hearts of film enthusiasts and nostalgic individuals alike. One such theater, located in the heart of Ohio, captures the quintessential essence of classic American entertainment. Introducing the Scioto Breeze Drive in, a perfect destination for those wanting to step back in time and experience old-fashioned movie magic. In this article, we discuss the essential information you’ll need for your trip, including the phone number, how to get there, working hours, and the theater menu. Be sure to take note and make the most out of your visit to the Scioto Breeze Drive in.

Scioto Breeze Drive in Phone Number

Keeping the spirit of the drive in theaters alive, the Scioto Breeze Drive in values communication with its guests. If you have any questions, inquiries, or even suggestions, the management encourages you to reach out to them. The Scioto Breeze Drive in phone number is (740) 867-5309. It is a good idea to call ahead if you need assistance, plan to reserve a spot for a large group, or wish to check the upcoming show schedule.

How to Go to Scioto Breeze Drive in?

The Scioto Breeze Drive in is conveniently located at 9615 Scioto Darby Rd, Orient, OH 43146, USA. Depending on where you live, there are multiple ways to reach the Scioto Breeze Drive in. For those using GPS navigation systems, the co-ordinates are 39.798234, -83.050176.

If you’re traveling from downtown Columbus, take US-62 W/US-23 S and follow it till you reach Scioto Darby Rd. Turn left onto Scioto Darby Rd, and you’ll find the drive in on your right-hand side after about 1.2 miles.

For those traveling from other parts of Ohio or neighboring states, you can rely on popular travel planner apps like Google Maps or Waze to ensure a quick and hassle-free trip to the Scioto Breeze Drive in.

Scioto Breeze Drive in Theater Working Hours

The Scioto Breeze Drive in opens its gates to patrons during the warmer months of the year. It usually operates from April through October, weather permitting. The theater is open on weekends, providing a perfect outing for friends and family alike.

The drive in begins admitting guests at 6:30 PM and the movies typically start at dusk, which varies depending on the time of year. It is highly advised to arrive early to secure a good parking spot and enjoy the on-site amenities before the movie starts. Remember to check their website, social media, or call ahead to verify hours and movie showtimes, as these may change and vary throughout the season.

Scioto Breeze Drive in Theater Menu

No movie-going experience is complete without delectable treats and snacks to accompany the on-screen magic. Scioto Breeze Drive in’s concession stand offers a mouth-watering array of classic movie theater food options, all of which are available for purchase to enhance your cinematic experience.

Some of the items you can find on the Scioto Breeze Drive in menu include:

  • Popcorn (with optional butter and toppings)
  • Hotdogs (with various condiments)
  • Nachos (with cheese and jalapeno)
  • Soft Pretzels (with or without salt)
  • Candy (assorted kinds)
  • Ice Cream (various flavors and types)
  • Soft Drinks (fountain and bottled)

Whether you’re a film aficionado or just someone looking for a family outing, the Scioto Breeze Drive in provides an incomparable experience that appeals to visitors from all walks of life. With its unique charm, it is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. So don’t wait, gather your loved ones, and enjoy a magical night under the stars at the historic Scioto Breeze Drive in.

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