South Bay Six Drive in

Drive in theaters are a throwback to a simpler time when you could bring your own snacks, relax in your car, and enjoy a movie on a giant outdoor screen. South Bay Six Drive In continues to offer the nostalgic experience of watching movies under the stars. If you’re looking for a unique movie experience, South Bay Six Drive In is a must-visit.

South Bay Six Drive in phone number

Before heading out to the drive in, make sure to check their phone number for movie and showtime availability. The phone number for South bay Six Drive in is +1 619-423-2727. This will ensure that you can get in touch with the theater to plan out your movie night.

How to go to South Bay Six Drive in?

South Bay Six Drive In is located at 2170 Coronado Ave, San Diego, CA 92154. It’s conveniently located off the 405 Freeway between the Wilmington and Avalon exits. If you’re coming from Los Angeles, take the 110 Freeway south to the 405 Freeway, and then take the Wilmington exit. The drive in is on the northeast corner of E Victoria Street and Figueroa Street.

South Bay Six Drive in Theater working hours

Southbay Six Drive In is open every day of the week, including holidays. During the weekdays, gates open at 7:30 pm and on the weekends, gates open at 7:00 pm. You can arrive early and relax in your car or grab some snacks from the concession stand before the movie starts. The movie showtimes vary depending upon the season and movie selections, so it’s best to check the phone number or website for showtimes.

South Bay Six Drive in Theater menu

The concession stand at South Bay Six Drive In offers classic movie theater snacks, including popcorn, candy, nachos, and soft drinks. In addition to the traditional movie snacks, the drive in also sells grilled hot dogs and hamburgers to enjoy during the movie. The prices are reasonable, and you can enjoy your snacks while relaxing in your car.

In conclusion, if you’re a movie buff, love the outdoors, or simply enjoy a unique experience, South Bay Six Drive In is the place to be. The drive in offers affordable family entertainment and a nostalgic experience, with a variety of movies playing throughout the week. Don’t forget to call ahead, plan your trip, and arrive early to snag the best spot. Bring your snacks, relax in your car, and enjoy the movie under the stars.

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