Starlight 6 Drive in

The love for drive in theaters has been rekindled in recent times, with people seeking outdoor entertainment that allows for social distancing. One such amazing location is the Starlight 6 Drive In, offering a unique and splendid cinematic experience. Boasting six screens, a diverse selection of films, and a well-stocked concession stand, Starlight 6 Drive in is a perfect destination for family outings, date nights, or simply a unique experience with friends. In this article, we’ll provide all the information you need to enjoy the drive in theater and create lasting memories under the stars.

Starlight 6 Drive in Phone Number

It’s always a good idea to call ahead and gather information before planning your visit to the Starlight 6 Drive in. Their phone number is listed as (404) 767-0875. This line will connect you to their primary customer service team, who can help with any questions or concerns you may have. They can also guide you on the showtimes, movie listings, pricing, and general information you need for a smooth experience at the drive in.

How to Go to Starlight 6 Drive in?

Located at 2000 Moreland Avenue SE, Atlanta, Georgia, Starlight 6 Drive in is easily accessible by car. A straightforward drive from downtown Atlanta’s landmarks, such as the Georgia State Capitol, typically takes under 20 minutes. Simply plug the address into your GPS device or smartphone and follow the directions to the drive in.

For those without a personal car, options like renting a vehicle or using a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft are available alternatives. Keep in mind that it is a drive in theater, so access without a vehicle is limited. We recommend arranging transportation with a car to fully enjoy the experience.

Starlight 6 Drive in Theater Working Hours

The drive in theater is usually open every day, with gates opening at 6:30 pm on weekdays and 6 pm on weekends. The movies begin at dusk, which typically falls between 7 to 8 pm, depending on the time of the year. Full details about showtimes can be found online or by contacting Starlight 6 Drive in directly.

We recommend arriving early to secure a good parking spot and have plenty of time to grab food and drinks from the concession stand before the movies begin. Starlight 6 Drive in is a popular destination, and arriving after the gates open may lead to longer entry times and potential traffic.

Starlight 6 Drive in Theater Menu

One of the best aspects of visiting a drive in theater is the delicious food available at the concession stand. Starlight 6 Drive in offers a wide variety of tasty treats and refreshments that cater to every taste.

The menu includes classics such as popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, burgers, and candies. They also offer a selection of fried foods like chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. For those with a sweet tooth, don’t forget to try out their churros, funnel cakes, and shakes.

There are plenty of beverage options as well. From soft drinks and slushies to hot chocolate and coffee, you’ll find the perfect quencher for your thirst.

The concession stand accepts cash and credit cards, adding convenience to your purchase. Keep in mind that the drive in is usually peak during summer months or weekends, so it’s always a good idea to fuel up at the concession stand early to avoid long lines.

Enjoy the nostalgia of the drive in experience and indulge in the wide variety of menu options available.

In conclusion, a visit to Starlight 6 Drive in is an opportunity to create magical memories with your loved ones. Employing this handy guide, you will now be well prepared for your night under the stars. With the right balance of entertainment, convenience, and mouthwatering refreshments, Starlight 6 Drive in is surely set to impress you through and through.

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