Starlite Drive in

Located in the heart of Missouri is an amazing cinema destination that is a bastion to the magic and wonder of the classic drive in theaters: the Starlite Drive in. This incredible theater has been around for generations, providing memorable movie experiences to countless families, couples, and friends. Step back in time as you explore the various aspects that make Starlite Drive in an absolute must-visit destination.

Starlite Drive in Phone Number

If you’re in need of any information, assistance or would like to inquire about showtimes, pricing, specials or any upcoming events, feel free to reach the Starlite Drive in. You can easily contact them using their phone number which is (417) 255-5930. Call ahead to confirm current movie showings, in compliance with the theater’s COVID-19 measures, and support this iconic piece of American nostalgia by bringing your loved ones to experience a magical movie night beneath the stars.

How to go to Starlite Drive in?

Finding your way to the Starlite Drive in is relatively easy. It is conveniently located at 15605 N State Highway 21, Cadet, MO 63630. If you’re planning to use your GPS, you can simply input the address to get the driving directions. To provide a little more context on its location, it is approximately 60 miles south of St. Louis and around 15 miles from the city of Potosi.

While traveling along State Highway 21, keep an eye out for the remarkable entrance sign, displaying the signature Starlite Drive in logo. There is ample parking space available for visitors, and the theater area is easily accessible upon arrival. Pack some comfortable chairs, blankets, and pillows for the perfect and cozy movie-viewing experience.

Starlite Drive in Theater Working Hours

The Starlite Drive in Theater currently operates seasonally, beginning in late April and running through the end of September. During this period, you can enjoy a variety of movie screenings each month. The Starlite Drive in typically opens its gates at 7:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and the movie screenings begin at dusk, approximately around 8:30 PM to 9 PM, weather permitting.

Double features are quite common during the operating season, giving you the chance to catch up on two fantastic movies in one unforgettable evening. Plan your visit accordingly, keeping in mind that it is best to arrive early to get the perfect parking spot and to settle in before the movie starts. Note that the schedules and movie titles may change weekly, so it is advisable to call ahead and check their website or Facebook page for the updated listings.

Starlite Drive in Theater Menu

No movie-going experience is complete without a delicious array of snacks, and the Starlite Drive in Theater does not disappoint. With an on-site concession stand, you and your loved ones can indulge in a variety of scrumptious treats while enjoying your movie.

The Starlite Drive in concession’s menu includes an array of popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and pretzels, along with your choice of sweet and salty snacks to munch on. You can also quench your thirst with a selection of soda, water, and other beverages available at the concession stand. As you enjoy the movie, you can relax and savor the tasty treats that perfectly complement the wonderful cinematic experience under the clear Missouri night sky.

Plan your special movie night at the Starlite Drive in now! From its convenient location to the fantastic film lineup, coupled with a selection of delightful snacks available on-site, this nostalgic theater has all the ingredients for an unforgettable evening. Experience the magic of the drive in theater and create lasting memories with your loved ones as you immerse yourself in the timeless charm of the Starlite Drive in.

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