Verne Drive in

Drive in theaters have become a nostalgic and iconic part of American culture. Among these outdoor cinemas, one that stands out is the Verne Drive in in Luverne, Minnesota. Known for its picturesque location and retro vibes, the Verne Drive in provides a unique movie experience underneath the vast, starry sky. This article will provide you with essential information on the Verne Drive in, including its phone number, directions, working hours, and menu.

Verne Drive in Phone Number

If you have any questions or simply want to make contact with the Verne Drive in, their phone number is +1 507-283-0007. Whether you require showtime details or any other information, the friendly staff at Verne Drive-in will be more than happy to assist and ensure you have a great experience at the theater.

How to Go to Verne Drive in?

The Verne Drive in is conveniently located at 1607 S Kniss Ave, Luverne, MN 56156. It is a short drive off of Interstate 90 and just a few minutes away from the heart of Luverne. The surrounding area offers many unique businesses and attractions, making the drive to the theater an enjoyable experience.

When driving to the Verne Drive in from the east via I-90 W, take exit 12 for MN-75/MN-23 toward Luverne, and merge onto 130th St/MN-23 W. Turn left onto S Kniss Ave, and the theater will be on the right. Coming from the west on I-90 E, take exit 10 for US-75 S toward MN-23/Luverne/Rock Rapids, and turn left onto US-75. Turn right onto 130th St/MN-23 W, and then after 1.1 miles, turn left onto S Kniss Ave. The theater will be visible on your right side.

Verne Drive in Theater Working Hours

Verne Drive in operates predominantly during the summer months, typically from May through September; however, it is always good to check their website, social media accounts or contact them directly for their specific opening dates and schedules. The theater generally opens on weekends, with gates opening at 7:30 PM and movies starting at dusk, which is around 9 PM during the summer.

Please note that the showtimes and hours are subject to change based on weather situations and availability of movies. It is best to verify movie schedule and timings on their website or by calling the phone number mentioned earlier before planning your visit.

Verne Drive in Theater Menu

One of the highlights of a drive in theater experience is the delicious food that can be enjoyed while watching your favorite films. Verne Drive in features an on-site concession stand with a menu that has something for everyone. Some of the popular items on their menu include:

  • Various popcorn flavors
  • Hotdogs, nachos, and cheeseburgers
  • Candy and sweet treats
  • Ice-cold soft drinks and slushies
  • Refreshing ice cream

The Verne Drive in concession stand provides the perfect assortment of snacks and beverages to indulge in while enjoying a movie outdoors. They strive to maintain reasonable prices and offer a myriad of classic options that cater to everyone’s taste buds.

In conclusion, the Verne Drive in is a gem of a destination, providing a blend of cinema and open-air entertainment that has been cherished by moviegoers for generations. With its friendly staff, fantastic snack menu, and convenient location, it is an ideal place for a fun night out with family or friends. Prepare for a memorable experience as you visit the Verne Drive in and enjoy movies under the stars.

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